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Custom Colored Cupcake Rings

Available in Sterling Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold & Platinum

Please contact for pricing.

Sterling Silver Cupcake Ring w/ Multi Colored Sapphires

Item No: ZZZ_R38


Rambo Knife

Item No: ZZZ_LC134

Charm is 1.5" tall


Large North Star

Item No: ZZZ_LC133

Charm is 1" diameter


Small North Star

Item No: ZZZ_LC132

Charm is 3/4" diameter


Chef's Knife with Colored Sapphires

Item No: ZZZ_LC131

Please email for price!

Large Owl with Canary Diamond Eyes

Item No: ZZZ_LC130


Wood Owl with Orange Sapphire Eyes

Item No: ZZZ_LC129

Charm is 1" tall


45 Insert with Blue Tourmaline

Item No: ZZZ_LC128

Diameter of charm is 3/4"


45 Insert with Pink Tourmaline

Item No: ZZZ_LC127

Diameter of charm is 3/4"


Octopus Pendant

Item No: ZZZ_LC126

1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide


Owl Pendant

Item No: ZZZ_LC125_small

Small Owl 3/4" tall


Owl Pendant

Item No: ZZZ_LC125_large

Large Owl 1" tall


Chef's Knife

Item No: ZZZ_LC123

2" tall



Item No: ZZZ_LC122

1 " tall with 18K gold rivet

Please email for price!

Large Anatomical Heart

Item No: ZZZ_LC120

1" tall x " wide


Large Brain

Item No: ZZZ_LC119

" long x " thick


18K Solid gold Shears on 18K chain

Item No: N33

Please email for price!

Voodoo Skull & Cross Necklace

Item No: N32

Cross is 1" tall & 1" wide


X Necklace

Item No: N31

X is 1" tall


Cross Knuckle Necklace

Item No: N30

Cross is 1" tall & 1" wide


Rosary Necklace with 18K Gold Mini Sacred Heart

Item No: N29

Cross is 1" tall & 1" wide

Please email for price!

I Heart U Bracelet

Item No: B42


Knuckle Cufflinks

Item No: AC13

" x "


Horseshoe Ring with Precious Stones

Item No: Horseshoe Ring with Precious Stones

Please contact for pricing.